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Chosen the best company for carbon credit projects development

Chosen the best company for carbon credit projects development

Our team has been working in the low carbon market since 2005, the company is made up of professionals with large experience in energy, sanitation and forestry sectors.

The company works on projects in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Pakistan.

Currently, BENG is a leader in the development of carbon credit projects in landfills in Latin America, both in the Regulated Market (UNFCCC) and in Voluntary Markets, such as Verra/VCS, Gold Standard (GS), Global Carbon Council (GCC), Cercarbono and others.

In addition, the company has an umbrella project (PoA) at the United Nations for sanitary landfills, with the largest number of projects (CPAs) registered in the world.


Millions of carbon credits already issued


Projects located in several countries

Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 37001 and it was the first company in Latin America certified by ISO 37301 (Compliance) in April/2022.

Our differential

Even though working for almost 20 years in the carbon market, BENG team has never had a project, monitoring report or any process rejected in the Carbon Standards (UNFCCC, Verra, Gold Standard, GCC, Cercarbono, CORSIA, etc.).

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  • Rua Fradique Coutinho

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 05416-010

  • +55 (11) 2614-9383

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