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Ten people (and one non-human) who helped shape science in 2023

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An AI pioneer, an architect of India’s Moon mission and the world’s first global heat officer are some of the people behind this year’s big stories.

The Nature’s 10 list explores key developments in science over the past year and some of the individuals who helped to make amazing discoveries and bring attention to crucial issues. It is not an award or a ranking, but a selection compiled by Nature’s editors to highlight the year’s most compelling stories.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Nature’s 10 has highlighted the influence of 10 people within the world of science. We are continuing with that tradition in 2023 and are adding to it by including a non-person – an acknowledgement of the role that artificial intelligence designed to mimic human language is having in the development and progress of science.


Kalpana Kalahasti: To the Moon

This engineer and manager played a crucial part in ensuring Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant touchdown on the Moon, making India only the fourth country to achieve the feat.

Read Kalpana Kalahasti’s full profile

Marina Silva: Amazon protector

Brazil’s minister of the environment helped to rein in rampant deforestation and rebuild institutions that were weakened by the previous government.

Read Marina Silva’s full profile 

Katsuhiko Hayashi: Rewiring reproduction

His feat of creating viable eggs from the cells of male mice could help to save species on the brink of extinction.

Read Katsuhiko Hayashi’s full profile 

Annie Kritcher: Fusion igniter

This physicist helped the US National Ignition Facility to produce nuclear reactions once seen only in hydrogen bombs and stars.

Read Annie Kritcher’s full profile 

Eleni Myrivili: Warming warden

As the United Nations chief heat officer, this former politician is helping the world to prepare for the threats of climate change.

Read Eleni Myrivili’s full profile 

Ilya Sutskever: AI visionary

A pioneer of ChatGPT and other AI systems that are changing society.

Read Ilya Sutskever’s full profile 

James Hamlin: Superconductivity sleuth

This physicist helped to spot flaws in sensational claims of superconductivity at room temperature.

Read James Hamlin’s full profile

Svetlana Mojsov: Unsung drug developer

How a biochemist finally gained recognition for her part in developing multibillion-dollar weight-loss drugs.

Read Svetlana Mojsov’s full profile

Halidou Tinto: Malaria fighter

A second vaccine for a deadly scourge will soon roll out, thanks to this researcher’s rigorous testing.

Read Halidou Tinto’s full profile

Thomas Powles: Cancer explorer

This physician and cancer researcher led a transformative clinical trial for the treatment of severe bladder cancer.

Read Thomas Powles’s full profile


Ones to watch in 2024

  • Monica M. Bertagnolli: Director, US National Institutes of Health

    This surgical oncologist will steer the world’s largest funder of biomedical research, which was without an officially confirmed director for nearly two years.

  • Colin Waters: Chair, Anthropocene Working Group

    A geologist at the University of Leicester, UK, Waters heads a research committee seeking to define the Anthropocene geological epoch.

  • Ilan Gur: Chief executive, UK Advanced Research and Invention Agency

    This materials scientist will oversee the United Kingdom’s push to fund high-risk, high-reward research.

  • Muhammad Masroor Alam: Molecular biologist, Pakistan National Institutes of Health

    The director of Pakistan’s national polio lab leads the World Health Organization’s surveillance efforts in the country, a key role in the push to eliminate wild poliovirus there.



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