Founded in 2014, BENG is a company formed by professionals with extensive experience in projects related to energy and sanitation in countries such as: Brazil , Chile , Costa Rica , Ecuador, Mexico , Nicaragua , Guatemala, Panama and Pakistan. Currently, BENG is attending in the two main cities of Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, providing personalized service and extensive market knowledge.


Ethics and legality / technical and scientific base / Clarity and Transparency / Traded Solutions / Customized Service / Secrecy and Confidentiality


Critically analyze customer needs in order to propose effective, innovative and responsible solutions, thus fostering a better relationship between business, society and the environment


BENG is an engineering consultancy company acting in several areas heading for efficient solutions in face of the client demands. Our team counts on high technical level professionals acting in the area of Energy and Sanitation. By relying on a lean and efficient structure, BENG makes possible in its performance of services some advantages such as reduced costs and shorter deadlines. The effective actions of the company include:

  • • Customer focus and proactive attitude;
  • • Personalized service and efficient negotiations;
  • • Providing of all information and data obtained from developed projects and studies;
  • • Currently developing more than 20 projects in Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Chile;
  • • Certified by ISO 9001.


Be recognized in the market as an engineering consulting company from its high technical capability and service quality.


Renewable Energies

The BENG is a leading engineering consulting company in Latin America in​​renewable energy area


We develop R&D projects in the field of power generation through biogas in landfills

Solid Waste and Effluents

We offer solutions for disposal and solid waste and effluents treatment

Energy Efficiency

Investments in energy efficiency solutions applies from small to large enterprises, involving industrial processes , services and various organizations

Environmental Assets

Do you know if your company has environmental assets? We have the answer!


BENG is one of the winners in the World Bank Auction

The environmental assets auction from World Bank was a great success. The most important companies in the world took part in the auction. There were 28 companies from 17 different countries, contributing to the $ 25 million available for this auction.

The BENG was one of the winning companies in the Auction firming a contract with the World Bank until 2020. That means, five years of a great contract ahead!

(publish em 02/10/2015)

Source: http://www.pilotauctionfacility.org/

BENG is certified under ISO 9001!

BENG is certified under Quality Management System ISO 9001, which establishes international standards and requirements to increase the effectiveness and efficiency inside the company, optimizing activities and expenses aiming customer satisfaction.

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BENG is certified under ISO 37001!

In August 2018, BENG became the sixth company in Brazil to be ISO 37001 certified for its anti-bribery and compliance management system proving it´s commitment to ethics, respect in partner and employees relationships. We all have legal and moral responsibility by our actions and we should also be aware that inappropriate behaviors can affect not only an individual, but an entire group, the company, and the society in which we live. This standard aims to support organizations in their fight against corruption (anti-corruption actions), creating a model of integrity, transparency and compliance. Although this standard cannot guarantee eradication of bribery, it can support the implementation of effective measures in order to prevent and mitigate it.

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BENG is certified under ISO 37301!

Since April/2022, BENG has become the 1st company in Latin America to be ISO 37301 (Compliance) certified. This documentation represents a lot as it is the first in Latin America. We all have a legal and moral responsibility for our actions and we must have a conscience of behavior that can only be preserved, but everyone can live the responsibility of an individual, but the whole group has the responsibility of a company and in which we have a group who lives responsibility. This standard aims to comply with the standards in its fight against defense (anti-corruption actions), a model of integrity, transparency and compliance. While this cannot guarantee the eradication of bribery, it can prevent the implementation of implementation and mitigation measures.

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Our team is ready to understand your business in order to transform your company

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    CEP: 05416-010, Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP


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